I’m treasuring every opportunity and privilege I could have as a blogger, and meeting international fashion icons and designers are definitely one of it. Back to a week ago when Max & Co. hosted a party in IFC, they’ve had Olivia Palermo invited all the way to Hong Kong. Her appearance has definitely heated up the party and what’s even better, is to be able to grab a quick shot and a quick chat with her. This, is what I wore for the night, a blue Max & Co. dress matching in contrast with my favourite burgundy Sophia Hulme. And of course, it’s lovely to have my girl Giselle with me to break the ice and help each other stay calm when we first saw Olivia making her entrance.

On Giselle : MAX & CO. total look / On me : MAX & CO. dress, SOPHIA HULME bag, LUZID DESIGNS* bangles, SCHUTZ heels
PHOTOGRAPHY Herman J.Li, EDIT Visala Wong

Olivia Palermo 3V4A9679* 3V4A9692* 3V4A9611* 3V4A9641* 3V4A9686* 3V4A9605* 3V4A9694*

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