I guess by now you might have noticed the changes in the new blog layout: cleaner interface, bigger photos (whoop whoop!). Keeping up with the new flow, I am also super excited about the new directions that VforVisala is heading, together with my launching soon accessories label LUZID (which has taken me nearly a year in preparing for it) and with my creative team #TheDreamLocket. It’s safe to say that I’ve been struggling throughout 2014, figuring out what you, my precious readers, would enjoy most in reading, and what’s the perfect way to present it. Everything is all about trying to be perfect while, not stepping on people’s toe — I’m holding up myself, and sadly to say, that’s not really who I am. 

After nearly three years of having this blog, I got inspired by my team and feel like it is time for something new. A new blog interface, coming with new blogging directions. But don’t freak out, this won’t be a 360-degree shift of direction, rather than going for perfection, I’d go for the great.

Here’s a list of summary of what’s to come.

  1. Keeping up with the outfits, with higher demand for photo quality.
  2. More up-and-coming fashion designer highlights.
  3. Photo diary of what’s happening in Hong Kong, captured by no other but myself! 
  4. Easy steps makeup tutorials
  5. More YouTube videos: designer interview, fashion shows, “How to Wear”, etc. 
  6. More editorials. Portraits, outdoor shooting, name it all! 
  7. Remember the Wishlist and Outfit Moodboards? They are back! 
  8. Turning VforVISALA into a Bilingual blog.
  9. More Giveaways on Facebook. Make sure to like my Page and stay updated with it!

There’s still some more ideas, and exciting plans in my head, but let’s not rush until the new working schedules had been balanced off. I hope the long read didn’t scare you away and I hope you are willing to jump on this adventurous train with us. You can always tell me your thoughts / suggestions on this by leaving a comment or by sending my an email. The more we hear from you, the better we can make this.

Oh and before I end this post, what do you think about these booties from Stuart Weitzman? Ever since I saw the glitter ones from Saint Laurent, I can’t stop thinking about the sleek pistol silhouettes these booties are carrying. Like how the Stuart Weitzman shoes always do, they are in great comfort, walking me to the new challenges I’m facing every day. 




  1. 繼續街拍,並對照片質量有更高的要求。
  2. 定期介紹新新興的時裝設計師 — 你都知道我有多喜歡支持本地創作啦!
  3. 以自己鏡頭去捕捉、紀錄香港時裝圈裡發生的點滴 — 我愛當街頭攝影師!
  4. 開始分享步驟簡單的化妝貼士
  5. 擴展YouTube視頻,拍更多有關設計師專訪、時裝秀,配搭心得等的小影片
  6. 與不同的模特兒合作,拍更多的editorial。大頭像呀,戶外拍攝呀,靈感數之不盎!
  7. 還記得那些「購物推介」和「配搭靈感」分享嗎?它們回來了!
  8. 轉VforVISALA變成中英雙語博客。(打中文依然很龜速,但是我會努力!)
  9. 更多的Facebook Giveaway。所以在我的專頁給個讚,並留意更新喔!


呀!在這篇文章寫上句號前,你覺得這雙Stuart Weitzman的短靴子如何?自從在網上看過Saint Laurent的那雙閃粉靴子,我就對類似有點70年代感覺的短跟靴子念念不忘。這一雙靴子,有Stuart Weitzman一如以往的舒適感,能每天帶我自信滿滿的走著面臨新挑戰的道路。

DAKS trench coat, BROOKSFIELD LUX shirt, ZARA shorts,  STUART WEITZMAN booties, SOPHIE HULME shoulder bag
PHOTOGRAPHY Herman J.Li, EDIT Visala Wong

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