VIZION CREATION is a creative studio that works with brands to create interesting
imagery and social content.

Working in a variety of genres including fashion, food, beauty, and lifestyle, we adapt our creative process to create meaningful imageries alongside with interesting content that speaks your brand’s identity and story.

Our photography aims to speak directly to the consumer. Whether we are selling a lipstick, a wedding ring or a food menu, our first objective is to deliver elevated content that is always innovative and compelling.

Our goal is always to create work that brings inspirations and excitement. We also believe in the spirit of collaboration, and work closely with a trusted network of creative partners.


A digital visual solution founded by Visala in 2017 to bridge the gap between the consumer and the brand. Providing a one-stop solution on strategic brand building through social media content creation and management, photography and design. The diverse range of services earns us remarkable clients with MAC Cosmetics, Kate Spade, The Ovolo Hotel Group, Soravit Hotel Group, Deliveroo and Accenture just to name a few. In which our works can be seen on their social media feeds, commercial ads, magazines, and websites.


A professional photographer and designer who loves experimenting with minimalistic and contrasting cinematic themes which she continues to develop and refine. Visala likes capturing the most natural and unnatural moments, spice it up with mood and illusions far beyond the mere moment captured in conventionally shot photographs.

Prior to her professional design studies in Sydney, Visala has dedicated herself to fashion blogging in the first few years after she graduated, the blog has gradually gained Visala’s passion for photography. This is when Visala decided to push her boundaries, pick up her camera and start exploring her unique aesthetic touch and embodies it with character.



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