Red lips, shining diamonds, and a piece of handmade chocolate on hand. There’s nothing better than celebrating my Valentine with these classic ‘romance essentials’. I’d be saying you must have loose your mind if you think he is proposing based on the Agatha rings I’m wearing. Layer it up with a few more rings from my own label LUZID DESIGNS, I like how the black stone brings in contrast to the elegance from the diamonds.

My surprise to Herman? The day before Valentine I was in a DIY Peruvian Chocotejas Workshop organized by Grana. Together with the chefs from the Peruvian kitchen, El Mercado, we pulled out our best concentration in making something sweet, exotic, and of course, irresistible. I stuffed as many raisins and cashew nut as I can (because he likes it in that way) and sealed it with another layer of chocolate, resulting a delicious flavor with an unexpected taste of Latin choco. Here they are, 30 minutes before it all gets into me and Herman’s belly, sitting nicely on set, shot it, ate it. Mission complete.

We kept it simple and did nothing fancy during Valentine, that’s the way I like things to be for this year — down to earth. It’s not about what we do, but how we spend it together, and most importantly, there’s true happiness living within.

AGATHA diamond and stone ring, LUZID DESIGNS Octorb ring

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