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Knowing the history and signature design of international fashion designers isn’t enough to be called myself a fashion lover.
I like beautiful things as much I like fashion, and getting an in depth ‘lecture’ on one of the upcoming luxury timepiece makers makes me feel a step forward with the quality lifestyle that I’m chasing after. “Watches & Wonder”, the first edition of the Asia Haute Horlogerie Exhibition has came to Hong Kong. And I’m really glad to be invited by ROGER DUBIS for a personal tour on its brand philosophy and development.

Geneva based ROGER DUBIS was launched in 1995, not very long ago comparing to the “world leading traditional watch makers” with more than a century of brand history. Yet launching in the technology booming century, there’s a high demand on contemporary and modernity throughout the creative process of art and design, and combining the historical craftsmanship and techniques used on traditional fine watchmaking, ROGER DUBIS  has a modern interpretation of Haute-Horlogerie: combining high-end complications and a unique design approach.
Established for less than 20 years, it has become one of the worldwide leaders in selling tourbillons and skeleton movements.
The RD01SQ in particular, being Roger Dubuis’ best seller.

3V4A1469* 3V4A1468*

Manufacturing only 4,500 timepieces each year, the brand’s iconic Excalibur collection released in 2005, reveals the beauty of the complication that has become a signature of the brand: a double flying tourbillon, in a skeleton structure.  Its dynamic shapes, sharp edges and powerful design make the collection a synthesis of powerful aesthetics and mechanical perfection. Moreover, the collection has been further developed into two exceptional pieces, the Excalibur Round Table and the Excalibur Double Flying Tourbillon Skeleton. They stand out in the world of Fine Watchmaking by clearly demonstrating the motto of the Geneva brand: Daring in Everything.


[Above] Excalibur Double Flying Tourbillon Skeleton – Limited Edition


[Above] Excalibur 42 Skeleton Flying Tourbillon


Excalibur Round Table – inspiration drawn from the exploits of King Arthur’s knights, The Round Table is a new interpretation of an eternal legend.
Produced in a limited series of 28 pieces, the 11 knights and King Arthur armed with their faithful swords has form a perfect circle replacing traditional hour markers. Each figure is only 6.5mm tall, three-dimensional casting in gold with its fine details carved by hand.
From the Middle Ages to the modern day, the legend of the Wizard and the Knights of the Round Table has always been very popular.
The story of their exploits has marked history and honoured the cardinal values of strength and respect.

Excalibur Round Table - Close up3V4A1515*3V4A1457*

Excalibur 42 Chronograph Collection – has elongated Roman numerals standing out on the central dial, both appealing and highly readable,
this signature design can mostly be found in ROGER DUBIS’s elegant timepieces.

Excalibur 36

Excalibur 36 Jewellery (above) 


Velvet High Jewellery2

Velvet – Passionate Diva (right) – reflects the finest jewellery traditional. Composed of 172 beautifully hand-finished components, the model was designed and refined to be wear on any special occasion. In addition,  eye catching red rubies are one of the most prestigious and rare precious stones and are considered to symbolise love, victory and success.

3V4A1559* 3V4A1580* 3V4A1575*Poináon de GenäveThank you so much ROGER DUBIS in giving me a wonderful tour. Not going to be owning any of my most favourite Excalibur soon, but it’s always great to have a small taste of luxurious when trying on these million dollars ticking art pieces and get to know about them.


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