CELLNIQUE: knock my blackheads out

It’s always about trying on new skincare products when it comes to the change of season. I’m currently giving a go on CELLNIQUE PARAMEDICAL’s Skin Action Sebum Gel. The phyto bio-engineering formulation serum claims to be able to solve us both blackhead and whitehead problems, even more effective than using blackhead strips and scrubs. Though the concept of using 2 different serums may sound a bit too much, I’m now topping this serum into my daily skincare routine, using it on my T-Zone area after washing my face and before applying makeup. It does reduce my oil secretion and prevents breakouts, which can be told obviously through my long hours of makeup. Overall I’m satisfied with CELLNIQUE’s Skin Action Sebum Gel, especially with its touch of smooth refreshment in its mint sensation. Now let’s see if my horrible blackheads can be reduced after 10 days of application.

隨著季節的轉變,整理著秋裝衣櫥同時也在整理入秋所需的護膚品。沒辦法,近來皮膚狀態一度走向下坡,日間泛油晚間敏感到痕癢得要命,不嘗試新的護膚品急救一下不行。好!就試一下Cellnique Cosmaceutica的淨純肌膚去黑頭凝膠。這以醫學美容為概念的美容院品牌據說能強效去除頑固黑頭及減少黑頭粉刺形成,什至比用黑頭貼或磨砂更有效。通過植物生物工程配方調製而成,質感溫和不油膩。現在每天洗臉後化妝前我都會把Skin Action Sebum Gel塗在T-Zone位置,雖然在日常護膚程序採用2支不同的精華液聽起來可能有點兒過分或麻煩,不過我的鼻頭泛油情況的確有改善了,妝容亦比以前更貼服。總括而言,我很滿足於這支精華液的溫和鎮靜抗炎的功效,特別是它薄荷般的清涼觸感。現在就看看連續使用十天能否有效軟化角質從而減少黑頭和白頭的形成吧!

PHOTOGRAPHY Herman J.Li, EDIT Visala Wong

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