Channel V : Who is Twisted Sisters?

TWISTED SISTERS (TWS), A NEW NAME THAT HAS BEEN APPEARING on the blog for a while, are my recent favourite.
Meeting Maria the designer in one of the VISS Fashion Friday, the new friendship got built after a cup of coffee and a shared luxury English breakfast afterwards. The endless fashion conversation goes on and on, and after she told me TWS is not just about lingerie wears (that’s my first impression on Twisted Sisters as the web-shop mainly sells sexy lingeries…woops),
I saw a versatility and modernity in TWS and thus have my new episode of “Contemporary Discovery” settled.


Photo Courtesy // Twisted Sisters FW13 Lookbook

The story of Twisted Sisters begins in 2011, Maria has a vision of creating garments that has the capability of showing
the wearer’s personality and style from inside out. Slipping out the femininity through tailoring techniques and graphical silhouette constructions,
the TwS deisngs are mostly simple, but with an edge that gives confidence to a women’s favour.

Its Fall Winter 13 Collection has set theme on “Lost Royalty”. With the desire of freedom of a young lady from a rich and demanding ‘wonderland’, her escape from the royalty has began her journey in searching for her true self. Surrounded by royal blue, burgundy and metallics, the collection has one hand carrying the a royal-glam through tweeds, velvet, jewels, and sequences, and on the other hand, being rebellious and grungy  — black leather, spikes and skull — the dark and the glamorous, all put together for a dramatic contrast mood.

{ Check out Twisted Sisters’ complete FW13 Collection here. }


Photo Courtesy // Twisted Sisters FW13 Lookbook

Visiting Twisted Sisters’ showroom the other day, here are few of my picks from the collection :


{THE NEW PEPLUM} This dress of TwS has patched velvet with leather, playing with the hard and soft contrast,
I’m especially in love with this “new” cutting where the peplum drops around bust line,
elongate the waist and in the same time cover up our thigh’s fattest part.

3V4A6505* 3V4A6504* 3V4A6513*

{IN BETWEEN MASCULINITY} One of the bisexual outfit that I’d always want to try on,
and putting on a pair of pointy pumps will simply add extra sexiness to it.

3V4A6514* 3V4A6538*

{TO THE PARTY} A feather skirt, a cropped bralette, and a colourful tweeded jacket, matching altogether into something fancy,
glamorous and slightly over the top, is surely one of the “courages” outfit idea for cocktail and birthday parties.

3V4A6535* 3V4A6530*

I hope you enjoyed this chapter’s “Contemporary Discovery” and also Twisted Sisters’ FW13 Collection.

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