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DRESS. The easiest yet trickiest garment to carry on our wish-to-have-but-never-get-satisfied figure. When you are rushing for a date or running out of ideas on what to wear,  a straight forward zip up, some jewels to wrap around your neck, wrist, and fingers, and a pair of no-matter-what-always-sexy-looking stiletto, then you are ready to go.

W A I T.
Is it that simple as it seems to be ?

If you’ve been reading my blog or following my instagram (please do if you haven’t, by clicking here –xx.), you’d have noticed that I seldom wear dresses. Not because I hate to, but because to someone like me who takes the garment’s diversity of styling and wearability as priority when shopping for it, finding myself the perfect one-piece(s) can be time consuming. Either it has to be cleverly A-line structured or hemmed with a bit of peplum cutting to conceal my big bottom (my biggest concern of all parts), or it has to enhance the elegance and femininity through its perfect fit. I mean, what’s the point of wearing a dress if it doesn’t show the sexiness inside you?
(please don’t get me wrong, I didn’t mean you need to flash your cleavage and cut the length to as mini as possible in order to be sexy).
This Bandage dress from Herve Leger fulfils my no.2 requirement. As we all know the French label is signature for its body wrapping bandage design, together with the dress’ halterneck construction that pulls a deep V-line from your chest, this flattering dress is surely the choice to go for when you are up to ultimate sexiness. But for me who prefers style rather than attractiveness, a little cape jacket,  pointy studded heels, and some burgundy leather accessories in gold details will be my perfect balance in wrapping up the appealing dress with some edginess.

/Next Outfit, sharing with you more about Yeechoo.com , where the Herve Leger dress comes from./

wearing // Herve Leger dress from YeechooTwisted Sisters jacket • Sophie Hulme bag • Salvatore Ferragamo shades • Oblivion choker from WE.AR.ABLE Truth or Dare by Madonna heels


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