Drop some shoulders. SUZANNE CEREMONY

The recent rumor about Karl Lagerfeld’s soon retirement from Chanel has inspired me to put on a double “pearl” headband. Though this look is far away from our impression towards the typical “Chanel girl”, it is yet, the fashion empire’s attitude of jumping out windows and giving a new try on your passionate object that inspires me to break some rules and wear 2 headbands in one go.

Going to my second look for Suzanne Ceremony, the pearl headbands designed by Paname gives a different touch to the classic pearl headband. One in khaki and one in blood orange, the colour reminds me a bit of the Middle East oriental aesthetics, which its elegance is perfectly out balanced with my recent favourite drop shoulder white dress. Keeping everything clean, subtle, but with exciting details going on to refine and complete the look. The key to owning it? Keep your shoulders off and stay fabulously sexy no matter what.

最近傳出Chanel的靈魂人物Karl Lagerfeld將近退休的謠言啟發了我去分享這個珍珠頭箍造型。雖然這造型對我們熟悉的典型「香奈兒女性」有一點兒差距,但亦正正是品牌打破常規的設計態度鼓勵了我去作新嘗試,一下子帶上兩個頭箍。

還記得上一次與大家介紹的頭飾網店Suzanne Ceremony嗎?來到第二個造型,出自法國品牌Paname的珍珠頭箍高貴卻不失一種現代感的玩味。傳統的白珍珠被卡奇綠及橙紅色取代,少了一份經典,卻多了一份中東唯美的韻味。襯上近來喜愛的白色連身裙,簡潔俐落地帶出頭箍的雅緻。令整個造型更時尚的關鍵?當然在於那跌到性感到不行的膊頭啦,一字膊可以說是今季的大熱,要耍含蓄性感路線的女生可不能錯過!

SUZANNE CEREMONY pearl headbands, TWS dress
PHOTO by Herman Li. RETOUCH by Visala.

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