Fierce and Fragile, Hermès

Dedicated to artist Robert Dallet and his passionate study on big cats, I have had the honor to be one of the first patch walking through the Hermès “Fierce and Fragile” exhibition in Pacific Place. Realistically transformed the ambitious emotions of wild cats onto his canvas, many of Dallet’s work are shown for the first time in Hong Kong. And how does this related to Hermès? As a matter of fact, in the mid-1980s Dallet has been freelancing for Hermès as an illustrator of the house’s iconic silk scarves. The collaboration continued for over two decades, and perhaps (one of) theHermès scarf you have been wearing was one of the many works of Dallet’s. 

 Hermès scarf, LUZID DESIGNS earrings, ZARA off shoulder, skirt, KENZO bag

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