Photo Diary: Gaucho {FoodPanda Magazine}

Photo Diary: Gaucho {FoodPanda Magazine}

It gets very common when your friends complain about how much weight they have gained after Chinese New Year. There comes a good reason for me to visit this very chic restaurant – Gaucho, located in the heart of Central, for their monthly special detox menu.

“Feel Good” or “Feel Great”, the black and white menu satisfies your stomach while controlling the whole course under 1,000 calories. Check out my Wardrobe Diaries column in FoodPanda Magazine for a more detailed review of GAUCHO.

After all the big meals I’ve had over Chinese New Year, a detoxed meal and some creativity in layering up your outfit is always a great choice to shift focus from your slightly bloated figure. I’ve done quite a lot of layerings on my way to Gaucho. Double layering of skirts playing with contrasting textures, further on, a vest upon a shirt, the key to making a balance from excess layerings is to keep the colour consistent. Just like the dishes I’ve had in Gaucho, you’ll be surprised by the unconventional layerings, whether it’s the taste of food or the apparels you’ve put on.

5th Floor, LHT Tower, 31 Queen’s Road, Hong Kong
T (852) 2386 8090

3.1 Phillip Lim scarf, Blksheep Empire oxfords, White mesh skirt from Shopbop




Unisex but still playful
irresistible in leather and shirts


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