Getting a 3-Day Grape Cleanse

Caudalie x Fruit Master
3-Day Grape Cleanse Program

Detoxing, not a new term or concept to learn about.
But instead of detoxing with vegetables and fruits, we are here to talk about detoxing with nothing but only grapes.
City girls like us need to be detoxed regularly, whether it’s for weight loss, or to prevent from the polluted environment in Hong Kong. No matter what reason it is, at the end, the ultimate goal is to have better health. It is until recently that I got more conscious on my body condition: what I ate, how much I eat, how often do I exercise and sweat, matters to me a lot more than previous. And one day, this massive parcel arrived in my studio, filled with grapes, some skin care products from Caudalie, and the book “The French Beauty Solution” written by the Founder of Caudalie, Mathilde Thomas, herself.

So this is what it’s all about with the huge amount of grapes I’ve received – A Three Day Grape Cleanse Program.
Intake nothing but grapes and water for 3 days, I’d have to say it’s going to be a new challenge for me, and I’m not sure how can I work myself on this one. But reading the “secrets” of how Mathilde being so effortlessly beautiful and confident somehow has encouraged me to give it a go.




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