I have been changing my eating habits lately, less deep fries and more greens. Still can’t quit my addiction to ice lemon tea and alcohols, but at least I am willing to replace beer with more reds and whites. Yet not only I am changing my eating habits, but also my living lifestyle — 2-3 hours of dancing coming after a nice muscle stretch through a session of Pilates over the weekend. 

The biggest motivation and consistent action for all these? One of my bestie is getting married this December (!!!) and there’s nothing more joyful than celebrating the next stage of her life by being one of her bridesmaids. I’m even thinking of doing a 30 Day Challenge of “One salad a Day”. Shall I go for it? In the mean time while I’m still brainstorming and making plans for my YouTube channel, let me share this casual yet playful look shot awhile back during Hong Kong Fashion Week. 

LUZID collar and bangle, HOUSE OF HOLLAND shorts, ZARA oxfords, SOPHIE HULME shoulder bag
PHOTOGRAPHY Herman J.Li, EDIT Visala Wong
Delish food photos via my Instagram @VforVisala


Processed with VSCOcam with hb1 preset


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