This season is all about dropping the shoulder lines and embrace summer with your inner sexiness. While the photo of me in this white dress is heating up my Instagram, here I would like to go further and talk about the designer behind it that creates the beauty. For those of you who have been following my blog, you might be familiar with the nameTWISTED SISTERS aka. TWS’ (for those who don’t, it’s never too late to get to know another contemporary fashion designer). 

Back to topic. The dress, another strong piece from Hong Kong designer TWS, sculpted to its minimal, the scallop drop shoulder sleeves become the attention seeker, never too bold, yet never too dull to not be noticed. Coming to her 8th Collection, Maria the designer, extends her favourite use of  monochrome. A strong use of geometric patterns in sheer fabrics, being playful and sexy with crop tops in all sorts of silhouettes, and some edgy faux leather — the TWS girls always bring in the perfect balance in being rebellious with an irresistible strong femininity sensation.

It is never too difficult to carry TWS’s designs, but of course, everything comes easier with a model figure. I was asked to shoot the collection’s lookbook by the end of last year and never took a chance to share out the photos (or perhaps I’m too shy to do so). Modelled by my dear friend Emma Lauren and photographed by me. Enjoy!

[序] 我一直相信香港的時裝設計力量,有屬於他們自己獨特風格,質量亦不比你們常逛的時裝店差,可我就是摸不著頭腦為何他們總是難以令人注意。希望能在此用我微小的能力燃點一根燭光,把他們的努力燃燒開去。

香港有一設計品牌叫TWS (全名為TWISTED SISTERS),曾經我亦把她過往的系列介紹過。今個季度設計師Maria以我最愛的黑白灰調穿整個系列,最為欣賞的有配上挺身布料的Scallop hem 露膊白裙及幾何圖形若隱若現肌膚的半透視裙裝(不約而同喜歡的都是白色調子!)。可能你會覺得我推介的都比較fancy啦,比較難融入日常生活中啦…TWS的第八個系列中當然亦有夏天易搭的針織crop top及略帶反叛的仿皮裙裝。

令我愛上TWS的原因,是她看似subtle的設計裡永遠都帶著一份令女性嫵媚的性感細節,不論是跌膊、cut out、透視、還是簡單的修腰剪裁,我都會忍不住放低一下自己comfort zone 的半中性風格去一試TWS表達的現代女性美。

那當然啦,我的身形哪比得上身材高挑的鬼妹仔Emma呢~ 上年年尾有幸為TWS的第八季系列拍攝Lookbook,一直未找到一個好時機去分享出來(也許是我害羞吧),不如就藉著今次的介紹與大家分享一下我的作品吧!

TWS Collection 8
MODEL Emma Lauren