HONG KONG FASHION WEEK. The city’s largest fashion fair, here we go again. Starting off the 4-day packed schedule with Extravaganza Fashion Show, 4 designers were invited to present their SS14 Collection. Began with Calla Haynes‘s nostalgic and romantic floral print silhouettes, coming after Amaya Arzuaga‘s  butterfly wings and origami inspired structural dresses, then Marsha Ma‘s “Luxury Dadaism” which reflects her unique play on structure and cutting skills in presenting the feminine body with an attitude, and last but not least with Henry Lau‘s glamorous show pieces that melted down the boundaries between ready-to-wear and couture, the grande finale was even accompanied by the live performance of Anthony Lun.

“Stylish in Red” was the dress-code of the night. Pulling out my favourite red dress from Maison Martin Margiela for H&M, I’ve layered it with a ruffle white shirt, giving a playful twist on my interpretation of the classic Victorian style shirt. Besides watching the fashion show at 2nd row, and meeting 2 of the 4 designers, the night was made even more fabulous with a sudden interview by a Shanghai Fashion TV Channel.

The rest of the 3 days for sure will be crazily busy. But as a person who couldn’t stop loving what she’s doing, I shall never stop instagramming, blogging and enjoying rest of the Hong Kong Fashion Week, and my life.

3V4A6555*-3V4A6578*CALLA HAYNES

3V4A6303* 3V4A6301* 3V4A6297* 3V4A6543* 3V4A6319* 3V4A6583*3V4A6580*

3V4A6279*3V4A6343*3V4A6375* 3V4A6345* 3V4A6585*

MARSHA MA3V4A6406* 3V4A6589* 3V4A6398* 3V4A6409* 3V4A6551*3V4A6414* 3V4A6425* 3V4A6429* 3V4A6434* 3V4A6444* 3V4A6272-* 3V4A6569*HENRY LAU
3V4A6456*- 3V4A6484*3V4A6476*3V4A6587* 3V4A6513* 3V4A6545-* 3V4A6517* 3V4A6501*-

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