HONG KONG FASHION WEEK DAY 2. was scheduled with a day full of fashion shows. Starting the morning with the Fall/Winter 2014 Designer Collection of Methodology, Doris Q, and a few more contemporary designers, and coming afterwards Young Fashion Designer’s Contest— one of the not-to-be-missed-out. With 16 finalist battling for the throne in building their own fashion kingdom with supported funds, and also an internship position in a design house for 3 months, the show displayed a fabulous mixed of creativities. With Nelson Leung’s colourful and playful vintage video games inspired collection out-shine himself as the Overall Winner and Contemporary Daywear Group Winner, and Max Mak being the Party and Evening-wear Group Winner, whose collection took reference from kimono and origami wear, and adorn the outfits with prints and shapes of butterfly, dragonfly and cicada. Pulling off the finale with a fashion parade that showcased a few ex-winner’s latest collection, I am very proud to see my friend’s label BLIND BY JW on the runway. More better? Some of the pieces will be available soon on my online store WE.AR.ABLE!

Finishing the night with I.T SS14 Fashion Show, it was nice to see 2 of my friends Eve (aka. DJ Eve Special) and Daniel walking down the runway in Mini Cream’s youthful and futuristic metallic cropped silhouettes (not to mention those crazy platformed creepers); Musium Div’s heavy use of gold studs and leathers in pursuing its signature “(rock and) rolling in the dark” style;  and Izzue’s “Love” themed romantic collection featuring unisex plaids. 

Coming up next! Vivienne Westwood SS14 Fashion Show! (stay tune)

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