HONG KONG FASHION WEEK we are here again. Opening the first show with FASHIONALLY COLLECTION #4, 10 Hong Kong designer labels were gathered to wow us with their brilliant SS16 Collection. There’s minimal sleek silhouette in unisex cut, there’s Japanese Kimono boyish chic and Japonism inspired prints, there’s always a play with deconstruction and reconstruction, and of course the intermingle of classic fashion aesthetics with contemporary silhouettes and cuttings. My designers friends, and those we haven’t met, I’m so proud of you all.

又一香港時裝週。為它揭幕的當然是支持本地設計品牌的 「FASHIONALLY COLLECTION #4」, 由10位有潛質的香港設計師聚首一堂把自己精彩的春夏16系列呈現給大家。當中有簡約的中性剪裁,有向日本和服致敬的別緻男裝,亦有從日本文化取材的印花圖案設計。再說,解構與重構衣服結構是少不了的時裝設計把戲。我的設計師朋友們,以及那些我還未互相認識的,真為你感到驕傲!

The designers:
112 Mountain Yam, Modement, BlindbyJW, Kenax Leung, DEMO. by Derek Chan, Lapeewee, Matt Hui, HANG by Mim Mak, Sherman Kwan, Chloe Sung

PHOTO by Visala Wong

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Visala on Instagram : @VforVISALA

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