It’s always interesting to read about the story of other jewellery labels, for today I would like to talk about THE HOUSE OF FOLKLORE — where a story begins with two close friendship, a passion for contemporary design, and the obsession on Hong Kong’s skyline. Each piece are handcrafted with traditional jewellery-making technique with a modern Indian craftsmanship aesthetics, created for independent women who works like a boss and dress with character and style.

The simple yet strong concept inspires me to be in my true-self, dressing comfortably in nothing else but black and white. Not only having my bleached blondes stand out, but also the earrings that dangled from my ear. Whether its bold as the geometric Sci-Fi earrings or subtle as the Cresent moon-shape earring, the silver ornament brings in a crispy touch of fashion statement to the monochromes. The golds, on the other hand, enchants any red-lip makeup that brings an attitude to your outfit.

The shooting was done on Women’s Day, making it meaningful, for I believe women should not dress to please others, but themselves. Every detail lives within your outfits speaks you character, and with jewellery, it’s all in one house for you to define your true self.

‘and ever’ cufflink, Cresent earring and necklace, Opal earring, Sci fi danglers
available in The House of Folklore
PHOTOGRAPHY Priya (Founder of THoF)

cresent earring ThoF*sci fi danglers THoF* creasent necklace THoF* cufflinks forever and ever from THoF* coffee cup shots with silver ring* opal from THoF*

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