I made my own Absolut Elyx Cocktail

I made my own
Absolut Elyx Cocktail

It was my second time attending the Cocktail Masterclass organised by Absolut, and even more excited about it, is when Absolut Elyx is on the game. The luxurious vodka being hand crafted in copper stills, are here for us to stir up a glass of Martini, in which I’ve poured an extra 1/4 cap of vodka in for my own taste of preference, whops. Served with the recognizable Copper Cocktail Coupes, leaving no impurities, bringing the perfect silky smooth mouthfeel to my heavily loaded cocktail.

But this is only the beginning of the night.
The rest of it involves more Absolut Elyx cocktails and food to fill everything up.
Now I’m hoping my photos are getting you craving for a glass of it.




Unisex but still playful
irresistible in leather and shirts


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