Italian lifestyle brand iBLUES continues to collaborate with Federica Moretti for their “H@T You” Collection.
Featuring “PomPom” as its highlighted element, the collection has revamped a few iconic classic hats of all styles such as knitted beanie and
baseball cap into 5 youthful and contemporary winter  head accessories. A playful collection comes with a playful event in presenting its design concept,
and I’m very happy to participate its “PomPom DIY Workshop” in creating pompom accessories that are original and true to our style.
It has been a long time since I’ve made myself a pompom, the art and craft spirit of this workshop reminds me a lot of my childhood.
Thank you so much iBlues in giving me a colourful and relaxing afternoon.

iBLUES_H@T YOU Collection_EA10936_001a_$780Don’t forget to check out your nearest iBlues boutiques for the pompom hats!

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