When meeting someone new, I am never the kind of person who’s good at memorising names but instead, the visuals.
Akif Hakan Celebi made an exception for me because I’ve seen his amazing photographs long ago before I met him and I’m impressed.
The vibrant blue sky contrasting with the pinkish-muddy landscape is one of my favourite of all his other signature digital art styles.
He has a different approach towards fashion photography, instead of having the model over posing to tell a story, he intermingles the landscape and the model in creating expressive photographs, where I see them as art pieces rather than just a photo.”My models are not required to do much but only stand and stare, don’t you think women with no facial expression got a lot more story to tell by just looking at them? They could be angry or mad, they could be hiding something from you, a face speaks numerous characters and you can barely figure out what they are trying to tell. Mysterious and interesting, but in the same time, its high fashion.” said Akif when I first met him in Fossil “House warming party”.

The artistic photographer has recently done a collaborative photo exhibition themed #iLiveFashion, organized by my friend Carmen who’s also the founder and designer of her own emerging jewellery brand “Carmen Chan Jewelry“.  “If fashion is a fantasy, living fashion is living in our own fantastical reality.” #iLiveFashion is a project that Carmen came in head that  aims to inspire, enlighten, and inspirit people to create their own reality and definition of self via fashion, swimming against the tide of mainstream fashion and norm sense of beauty. Collaborating with a few local iconic fashion bloggers involving Jasmine of DressMeBlogMe, RubyGloom, Cindy of Cindiddy, Grace of Lushgazine, Elle of ElleIconLee, and of course Carmen herself,
it is really interesting to see the hidden characters of these girls under Akif’s lens.

857398_251103518370258_99023294_o 1398791_250681658412444_1374911020_o 1403308_251564348324175_981544317_o 614998_249807885166488_1101152507_o 1398792_251087191705224_927187420_o 1397408_252016458278964_1297442583_o 3V4A1370-*With the talented Akif Hakan Celebi, wondering if I can see from my ‘laser beam’ glasses

In the opening party, people are dressing in their own style, being with their most comfortable selves under the influence of #iLiveFashion.
Here’s a few snaps Herman took and more to look at in my Facebook Page @V for Visala.
I really like the concept of #iLiveFashion and somehow it has gave me the idea of snapping people during the fashion events and parties that I go,
opening another window for you to look into this glamorous world.

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