I’m a Blondie!

My journey of seeking the most suitable crazy hair colour was never smooth. From transforming myself from blonde to grey and faded back to blonde within a week, to slowly leading my way to my current purple, I guess having your full-length hair bleached also means having the courage in taking unpredictable challenges that can be either playful or give you a headache.

On a side note, I’m glad that I have finally found my hairstylist and colourist taking care this part of my struggles.

Tracing back a few months ago when I’m still in my messy, incomplete bleached ombre, I got introduced to Sandra’s Hair, a hair extension specialist, to give me a makeover. The process was simple, flip and clip, and with a few twist and curls, the extensions got naturally blended in with mine. They are 100% made from natural human hair, washable and easy to be taking care of. Never in my life had I have imagined myself being a long hair blondie, and these extensions has turned one of my childhood barbie fantasy into reality. Give it a go with some Sandra’s Hair extensions whenever you want to explore another feminine side of you.



此時有一機會接觸到專注於製造駁髮的Sandra’s Hair ,玩了半天弄了一個意想不到的新造形。駁髮的過程簡單得很,把面層的頭髮反起再把髮片夾到底層,用捲髮器輕輕的捲一捲將真假髮融為一體。這些髮片都用上天然頭髮製造,可以隨意洗剪吹,打理來得簡單,效果亦來得逼真。髮片當然亦有適合亞洲人的深棕色,去party或影相時可以無難道的弄個新造形。有些朋友看到照片時當初都錯覺以為是真髮,還問我是否要轉玩「鬼妹仔 look」(哈哈!)。

PHOTOGRAPHY Terry Wayburne
RETOUCH Visala Wong
HAIR STYLING Sandra Bakker

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