#InteriorInspiration : Make Good Use of That Wall

Ever since I started renting a studio, a workspace of my own where I and a couple of my friends can find more concentration on working, I began to draw more attention on interior and space design arrangements. Every weekend when I have the time, I’ll go onto Pinterest, Instagram and other interior deco websites seeking inspirations on how to improve my workspace. My screenshots are starting to occupy a majority of memory space in my phone, and here I decided to bit by bit release them by sharing it in here, with you when fascinates me when it comes to ‘interior space’. 

This week I’d like to share with you the studio of GamFratesi, an award-winning furniture designer that fuses classic Danish furniture and craft tradition into an experimental and renewal approach. Their furnitures are obvious fascinating, but what fascinates me more, is the place where they gather ideas and out flow their brain juice. I love the idea of how Stine Gam and Enrico Fratesi making the best use of their high ceiling empty white wall as a pinning board.


今次就帶大家進入獲獎無數的丹麥傢具設計師GamFratesi的工作室。外國的studio樓底都比香港的高,我特別喜歡創辦人Stine Gam和Enrico Fratesi 善用大大幅白色牆把設計靈感集中,牆上釘滿了多不勝數的草圖,讓靈感帶動著熱情工作才是設計師該有的工作態度吧。

Images via YellowTrace

Interview-GamFratesi-Workshop-Yellowtrace-16GamFratesi Studio.
Interview-GamFratesi-Masculo-Gubi-Yellowtrace-20Work: Masculo chair for Gubi.Interview-GamFratesi-Bettle-Gubi-Yellowtrace-03Work: Bettle chair for Gubi.

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