Keep me eyes Dazzling (video)

What happens when a girl decided to get a day off and be lazy? 

She’d go for her simplest look and wear it with the laziest makeup she could ever have. My nudist natural makeup usually involved a BB Cushion Foundation and a strong mascara that keeps my lashes long. To get the look, I used GNO Soulever Dazzle Lash extension mascara, and lightly fill in the gaps with an inner eyeliner. 

The Dazzle Lash was revolutionary formula innovated by GNO, an American company which offers exclusive access to extraordinary, scientifically-advanced products in the skincare and wellness industries. It improves the appearance of our own natural lashes’ length, thickness and volume, and at the same time prevent eyelash loss.

There’s also the Finally Flawless Eye Candy, my essential makeup product when it comes to filming a video or on a serious fashion shooting. The innovative anti-aging microgel temporarily tightens, firms and lifts the tender skin around the eyes, in my case, my self-bothering eye bag.

Keeping my fingers busy and my makeup brushes clean, there isn’t any liquid eyeliner involved, nor additional colours to make my eyes popped. It’s all about tapping gently the cushion foundation and blending it with colour stick around my cheek to create the natural skin glow. Everything was kept minimal, and to be honest, I’m digging into this eyeliner-free-look of myself. 

GNO Soulever Finally Flawless Eye Candy, GNO Soulever Dazzle Lash


Applying GNO Soulever Dazzle Lash : 

Apply Lash Enhancer & Transplanting Gel in zig-zap direction for around 10-20 strokes. On every 5 or 6 strokes, brush a stroke downward on the back of your lashes to help curl and coat the back of your lashes.

Before the Gel dries, apply the Brush-On Fiber Extensions. Position wand in the middle of your lash and brush slowly to the end to avoid fibers being too close to the lash root. Avoid applying too much for messy lashes, begin with 3 strokes and stop around 5.

Again with Lash Enhancer & Transplanting Gel, seal lashes to lock fibers in place. Make sure you do this well by applying 15 to 20 strokes. For a more dramatic look, build up layers on your lashes by repeating steps 1-2-3.


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