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1. me and Rumi / 4. Rumi’s pick for her travel closet / 7. Xenia from A-Vibe PR / 8. Fashion Editor CindieMindie and Rumi / 10. Christopher Dowson, behind the lens of Fashiontoast / 12. Rumi’s pick for her travel closet / 14. Bonny from A-Vibe PR / 15. A glimpse of fashion blogger MellowMayo / 16. Selfie with MellowMayo, Zoe Suen and Bonny / 21. Gloria from  I.T / 25. Selfie with Rumi! / 27. Group photo of the night

“What’s she like?”
“Just how tall and skinny is she?”
“Hmmm… what will be the top 5 items in her Travel Closet?”
“What are this winter’s fashion highlights according to Rumi?”
“OMG, wait… what should I wear to meet The Rumi Neely of Fashiontoast?!”
“What do I say after I let out the fangirl-esque squeal of “Hi Rumi, I am a huge fan and love your blog!”?”

I had about a million questions running through my head when I first found out that I would get to meet and have a whole hour with pioneer blogger Rumi Neely.  I was just so excited!  Rumi Neely is one of the very first pioneers in fashion blogging; essentially, she made it BIG (I guess we can call her Mother of Fashion Blogging?).  Being a fashion blogger may not be as easy as it seems, but getting to meet one of the most internationally famous fashion bloggers of all time?  Hello perks of fashion blogging! Being able to meet and chat with Rumi over at the #RumiLovesITHK event is undoubtedly one of the major milestones of my career path as a fashion blogger.

Being able to travel around for Fashion Weeks, for magazine and campaign shootings, for special events and dinners, or even just have a relaxing weekend getaway pretty much whenever… the desirable lifestyle that every fashion blogger hopes to attain by making it big and becoming a true influencer is pretty much the lifestyle enjoyed by Rumi (as you can tell from her Fashiontoast).  Besides your must-have mobile devices clad in must-have colours and prints of the latest fashion, a fashion-forward mobile closet is what every blogger needs when travelling around the world.  Hence, voila!  Rumi’s Travel Closet.

Think leopard print shoes and clutches, comfortable loafers, easy to carry shirts and sweaters, statement jackets, furry backpacks to cuddle on your long-haul flights… pretty much the iconic ‘RumiStyle’ that I know of.  But wait… what’s this?  Moschino’s chain bucket bag is also on the list of the fashionable traveler’s must-haves?  Watch out, fashion lovers – that bag is definitely going on the IT Girls FW14 essentials list!

Thank you ITHK and A-Vibe for their faith and support as one of the their ten chosen Hong Kong bloggers/fashion influencers.
Thank you Rumi for being so sweet with me (check out our blogger selfie!)
Let’s keep our fingers crossed that we’ll have the chance to meet again soon.

Photos and Editing by Spes Philippe Leung