It was our first overseas trip together, and his first time set foot in Australia.
We started in Melbourne and drive all the way up to Sydney via the Costal Drive…

Where: The Brighton Beach, St. Kilda’s Pier, Ponyfish Island, Melbourne University, Eureka Skydeck

The Brighton Beach

First stop in Melbourne, we being the morning with a big breakfast in Higher Ground Melbourne, and move onto in Brighton Beach. I’ve been seeing so much of these colour blocking houses on Instagram, and I can’t wait to visit the beach and see it with my own eyes. It was a bright sunny day, breezy as well, just like autumn in Hong Kong, therefore no bikinis nor denims shorts were involved. But perhaps if I am to come back next time, a lace cut-out flowly summer dress would be a great choice to be photographed in front of these houses.

St. Kilda’s Pier

He said he wanted to see some penguins, yet with the lack of time for a day trip all the way to Philip Island, we arrived St. Kilda’s Pier around 9pm and see if there’s any luck by chance on welcoming the penguin home.

Melbourne City

It was Christmas Day, shopping malls and cafes are closed, we decided to take a walk around the Melbourne City. Nothing was specially planned, all you need is a cup of coffee, a map on hand, and free trams around the city area. It was a random walk to the University of Melbourne where I got amazed by the architectural structure of their Design faculty. Last but not least, the perfect Melbourne sunset from the Eureka Skydeck to round up our 3.5 day trip in Melbourne.

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