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I’m super excited to share with you this new column on Food Panda Magazine “The Wardrobe Diaries”, where I’ll be regularly sharing my to-go restaurants and coffee shops in Hong Kong, and most importantly, my outfit to go along with it.

Starting with the first article on an occasion that speaks very much about myself — a casual happy hour — I was in Spasso, an Italian Bar Restaurant located in East Tsim Sha Tsui, taking my first shoot while zipping their signature refreshments.

To cut my long story short (in here), let’s jump directly to Food Panda Magazine and start reading my first Wardrobe Diaries story.

Click here for Chapter 1 of my Wardrobe Diary on Food Panda Magazine.

side note:
It was a pleasurable afternoon, with all the smiles and amount of teeth exposed, it’s been a long while since I let loose myself that much in front of a camera. Truly thankful for having my happy hour well spent with such a great team.

LUZID DESIGNS by Visala accessories, NBD top, ZARA culottes, RAYE sandal heels, LOEFFLER RANDALL satchel
PHOTOGRAPHY Davy Cheung / assistant: Gary Kwong, EDIT Visala Wong

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