Restoring my split ends with ghd

This is my third time visiting the AirPlay Bar for a little makeover at the middle of the day. For a side note, AirPlay is one of the first blow dry bar launched in Hong Kong to freshen up ladies, staying beautiful for the rest of the day and night. The blow dry bar doesn’t provide any hair cutting or perming services. Along with their hair styling service, I was there to experience ghd’s Advance Split End Therapy.

First comes a hair wash, follow up by a blow dry, then applying the serum before I go into the process of hair styling. The Split End Therapy is not a hair mask nor a hair oil treatment. Instead, it is activated by the heat of your styler to help nourish and fortify damaged ends, leaving your hair feeling sleek and smooth. Even though it was stated to be suitable for all hair types, I recommended those with bleached/ damaged hair (like myself) to handle your hair with extra care, especially when you have the high-heat styler on hand, that could have a possibility to cause more damage to your hair instead of restoring it. By all means, do not heat it until your hair is totally dry. 

AirPlay Bar
7/f, Wyndham Place, 44 Wyndham St, Central

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近來可說是漂頭髮漂到一個近乎無法收拾的地步。由最初很想要吧的灰色,到甩掉了的金的,再到Hair Corner給我弄的紫藍色,再到自己DIY 的紫色⋯顏色換得快之餘,頭髮所承受的痛苦亦相應的大。所以早前獲得ghd的邀請去體驗一下它們新出的高效髮絲修護精華Advanice Split End Therapy 時,我二話不說的答應了。

修髮地點為中環的Airplay Bar,順帶介紹一下: Airplay Bar是香港首間造型概念店,我們英文形容為blow dry bar。不剪不電不染,只提供洗吹及頭髮造型,為你需出席的不同場合去打造獨特髮式及妝容(最近好像還新增了美甲服務)。今次是我第三次到訪Airplay Bar,粉紅色的摩登室內設計依然吸引。使用Advanice Split End Therapy前首先洗淨頭髮來個頭部按摩放鬆全身,之後在髮尾及其他髮質受損的地方塗上修護精華,用風筒吹乾後再用GHD platinum 造型夾進行造型。修護精華會利用熱力導入髮絲,進行修復、重建及保護因染燙受損的頭髮,味道香香的,芬芳怡人。適合不同類型髮質使用,每次療程效果更可維持10次沖洗。不過因為我的頭髮已經受損到近乎霉爛的地步,所以要在此特別提提大家,一定要把頭髮吹到完全乾透才好使用造型夾,否則會出現把頭髮蒸乾的反效果喔!

Airplay Bar


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