Headpieces have always been a thing for ‘Queen B’ (Blair) in Gossip Girl, and as expected, I rarely associate myself with her type of elegance. Perhaps there’s some sort of magic with girls in headpieces, they tend to extra outshine their femininity and cuteness beyond. This leads to my recent collaboration with Suzanne Ceremony, who encourages me to dig into the princess-y charm inside me.

The headwear-focused select online store has a unique concept especially dedicated to bridal and other special occasions where ladies would like to dress up themselves in their biggest refinement. While Suzanne means ‘rose’, the symbolic flower that represents love, Suzanne Ceremony offers Haute Couture headpieces that are not only graceful in style, but also holds the attractive attitude that ladies would find it irresistible. 

Going to my first Suzanne look, the purple bandeaux designed by Maison Guillemette has inspired me to go for something minimal and let alone the silk flowers outshine itself. As you might have noticed from my previous #ootd that I’m still about shades of grey, the subtle obsession extends, but this time, with a spice of Queen B character within.

如果你有收看過《Gossip Girl》相信你對當中女主角Queen B (Blair Waldorf) 的造型有一定的認識。各式各樣的頭箍如公主般的造型當其時確實成為不少女生想要仿效的對象。又可能是頭飾獨有的一種魅力吧,它往往都為女性額外添加一份貴麗氣質,一向比較喜愛中性的我有時候都會被這份氣質吸引。

聽過Suzanne Ceremony 嗎?它是一間專賣頭飾的網上select shop。店主獨特的眼光把歐美的一些新進設計師都聚在一個平台𥚃與大家分享他們對頭飾的情有獨鍾。Suzanne亦譯作玫瑰,希望把愛美的女生都打扮得花姿招展,美美地出席各婚宴及派對。


SUZANNE CEREMONY Maison Guillemette Rome n°4 Bandeaux , TWS top and skirt
PHOTOGRAPHY Herman J.Li, EDIT Visala Wong

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