Sportmax Carte Blanche by Ambra Medda


Photographed by me

Collaboration projects of fashion brands is always exciting, not only it tells a story,
but also allows further explorations on how far a fashion brand can stretch to in terms of creative possibilities,
especially when art is merging in.


 “Carte Blanche”, is a capsule collection of Sportmax.
Carrying the meaning of “complete freedom to art, unrestricted discretion”,
it is the first collection project of the brand in which the design process — brainstorm, research, decision making, create — all lies on the chosen artist.
Artist Lola Montes Schnabel was the first one to collaborate with,
followed up with iconic musician Kim Gordon of Sonic Youth, then art director Christophe Brunnquell…


The 4th “Carte Blanche” collection had settled with Ambra Medda, co-founder of Design Miami.
The story began with Ambra’s annual visit of Salone del Mobile in Milan to search for promising new talent.
Instead of creating new garment or accessory for Sportmax,
she decided to value this opportunity by bringing her new explored artist into the collection.
Being impressed and inspired, Ying Wu, a student from the Royal College of Art in London, was the chosen one.


Expressing and reflecting her thoughts and feeling towards the constantly changing world
with humans continuously avoid their responsibilities towards the environment,
Ying had created a surreal landscape with an unexpected combination of elements from nature and modern technology.
Some of them are extremely colourful, some of them are the surrounded by the same hues and tones,
Ying believes that there’s still hope even the environment has been polluted and destroyed.



But this is not just what its about.
Looking closer, you’ll realized that the highly decorative art works have a whole other dimension that brings you back to a starker reality :
economic growth, pollution, loss of cultural heritage,
very meaningful for us to sit back and think about what we have done to the environment, and how can we improve it.




Ying’s inspiring illustrations was transformed to prints on scarf, tote bag and tee-shirts.
The meaningful “Carte Blanche” collection was numbered with a limited edition of 1000 pieces.
The eclectic recognizable style of Sportmax is still being maintained,
but perhaps with a light touch of social issue from the illustrations,
its capsule collection would be more special and meaningful.

IMG_8962* IMG_8950*

IMG_8960* IMG_8954*

(images below are provided by Fairton)

Ambra Medda

Ambra Medda (above) with a Carte Blanche scarf, and
Ying Wu (below) with one of her illustrations printed as a tee-shirt.
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