My Valentine mood has been swinging across the classic romantic movies that I’ve been watching over bedtime. White-framed sunglasses, pearl jewelries, black dresses, long silk gloves… these iconic styles have inspired me to do a contemporary version driven from the classics. I managed to keep the white frames, and spice up the look with a bit of blue (beading earrings and rings from LUZID DESIGNS*). Feminizing the look with shades of burgundy, at the end, we still need something pink over Valentines.

TIBI top, ZARA bottom,STRANGER ROOM hat, LUZID DESIGNS accessories, SOPHIE HULME bag, JIMMY CHOO shades, TOPSHOP heels
PHOTOGRAPHY Herman J.Li, EDIT Visala Wong

3V4A0579* 3V4A0557* 3V4A0574*3V4A0569* 3V4A0553* 3V4A0581* 3V4A0593*

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