The Black Crop


If you have been following my Facebook or Instagram for a while, you might have heard me saying something about “cutting the carbs off my meals”.
There’s no summer like this before of me eagerly wanting to loose a bit of weight and get myself looking more firm,
the top-cropping trend, I blame this all on you.

Perhaps it’s the low self-esteem on my body figure, that I wasn’t into wearing cropped tops and have my waist slightly exposed,
this summer however starts to be an exception, and I can tell that something inside me is changing (no, not that I’m pregnant).
After my first attempt on pulling out a cropped-top-involved outfit from American Apparel,
for some reasons I got a 360 degree change of attitude and am now totally onto this seductive and edgy silhouette.

Spotted this cropped bralette from Twisted Sisters’ FW13 Collection, I decided to rock it up by  matching it with a black-full on outfit.
Enlightened by the neon chain bag, the heavy gem-prints on the silky pencil skirt with its cat-ears pocket has gave a bit of character to the outfit,
but also because of the plainness from the neons and the black shirt, they’ve made a great balance on holding upon each other,
loud but not too bold and over the top.

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SHIRT KitterickBRALETTE Twisted SistersBAG Mango x WerelseNECK Marc by Marc Jacobs