The Mulberry Bucket

When I think of spring, I think of bucket bag, the romance it has when it’s filled with flowers aside of your personal light belongings. Yet I rarely use a bucket bag, if I may add, there’s never one I own in my possessions. This one from Mulberry, The Small Kite Tote, they named her, somehow has an attraction in allowing myself to give it a try. 

A soft touch of calf skin, the nude & buttercream colour (that’s how it’s being officially described) beautifully blend in simplicity and practicality. I especially love the short handle in thick straps, so thick that I can feel the texture of the stitchings running down the side. How much I wish to everyday carry a small bouquet around me in this bucket, sitting outside a coffee shop with a laptop and a cup of coffee on hand, in the perfect European way, I suppose. Blending in all these imaginable smell with the identical smell of calf leather, comes spring.

提及到春天,我會聯想起水桶形手袋,尤其是它插著鮮花時的羅曼蒂克。話雖如此,我卻很少用水桶包,正確來說,我從未擁有過一個屬於自己的水桶包。而這個來自Mulberry的水桶包 The Small Kite Tote, 不知何故有一吸引力叫自己試一試。


MULBERRY SS16 bucket bag and top, LACOSTE sneaker

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