The Yellow Skirt


Photographed by Hitori Production

*A re-snap of my outfit for #HKFashionBlogger’s 2nd Annviersary Celebration Party.
Vivid colours are one of my to-go-for when choosing outfit for important night parties, because :
A> you might caught yourself “blend into” the dark background with your black dresses, hence resulting poor photo quality B> most women tend to go for black whenever there’s a cocktail party and as a blogger, I prefer wearing something that stand myself out (don’t get me wrong, not in the way that over shine everyone, unless it’s your big day) C> it’s a party! Why not extra seasoned your enjoyment with happy colours ?

And this is what I’ve worn during #HKFashionBlogger’s 2nd Annviersary Celebration Party :
Twisted Sister‘s cropped top with peter pan collar and high waist pleated skirt.
Body hugging bones were inserted in the skirt and cropping out an elongated waist with the top,
the sleek silhouettes moreover, allows a small volume dropped below waist, my hip line was perfectly hidden for an illusion of having a slimmer figure.
Twisted Sister’s SS13 Collection is not only about being bright and bold,
but has also took its focus on fabric construction techniques — experimentations in wearing out your figure.

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