Invited by SOVOS Aromatherapy, I was in Conrad Hotel’s tea room, enjoying their afternoon tea and at the same time, learning the basics of creating my own natural fragrance. And here’s a bit of what I learnt:

Just like composing a piece of music, there are 3 elements to comprise a perfume, described as Top notes (aka. Head notes), Middle Notes (aka. Heart notes) and Base notes.

TOP NOTES – The first thing you smell when applying the perfume. Gives you the initial impression of a perfume. Fresh and light in scent and meant to evaporate quickly.

HEART NOTES – The main body of a perfume, making up 40 to 80% of the total scent. With a rather mellow and smooth scent that stays for twenty minutes to one hour after application, it generates a pleasant balance between the other two classes of notes.

BASE NOTES – Brings in more depth to a perfume and holds the strength of the entire perfume. Evaporates last, and the scent is mostly rich and deep. Out of all the Base notes, Cedarwood and Musk are my favourites.


With all the little bottles of natural botanical extracts sitting in front of me, it felt like I was in a laboratory, sniffing this and that, rubbing onto my wrist, doing little tests on what might favour me.

Now there goes the fun part— mixing your perfume. Drip and drop a few essential oils into the bottle, blend it with a small shake. I got amazed by how one to two extra or fewer drops of extract can bring a huge impact on the scent. So remember to count your drops, and take notes of it.

Another interesting fact to add to this perfume-making workshop experience: I also got amazed by how the same perfume I mixed reacts differently to people— the chemical reaction creates from the natural oil on our skin.

Making your own perfume its like having a psychological test. But instead of giving answers verbally, your nose answers and reflects part of your personality. I always like anything that’s fresh, not too strong, and never too sweet and floral-ish (there goes my Heart note). But little have I noticed that I’m also a fan of the woody scent. (and here goes my Base note). At the end of the workshop, we kept guessing what each other might or might not like.

Sovos is having their new shop opening very soon in Central, Lan Kwai Fong area to be exact. Time by time they will host mini-workshops for you to DIY and bring home a scent that is unique to you. It’s not only perfume that’s on the table but also diffuser, essence oil, roll-ons etc, a lot waiting for you to explore.

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