Back in awhile ago I’ve had taken a showroom visit to one of the Asia nominees for this year’s International Woolmark prize. Her name is Meiyi Cheung, and her label WHOSTHAT has a creative mix of conceptual craftsmanship with artsy fashion. Walking into the showroom/shop, I got instantly attracted to the sculptural florals accessories that sits on the display window, and not to mention the eye-catchy sculptural dress that is constructed by knitting the same materials which made the flowers. My mind got wiped over by all these wearable arts while Meiyi was explaining how she started exploring the possibilities of using different materials to create them. “Not a single needle and thread were used, it was all done by pure knitting”, she said, and I got more amazed. “Design without boundaries, that’s all it takes to make everything happen.”

Yet WHOSTHAT is not only about sculpturing flowers and knitting perspex. It also carries a ready-to-wear collection, minimal, clean, with a strong attention to details and garment structures. To push her boundaries on fashion and design, Meiyi does collaborations with artists and other designers too, all marking a refinement on taste and contemporary style.

早前有幸到訪其中一位被提名入今年國際羊毛標誌大獎(International Woolmark Prize) 的亞洲區參賽者的工作室,輕鬆的談了一個晚上。現在請大家認識一下這位設計師張美儀及她的品牌WHOSTHAT 。到訪當日走進WHOSTHAT工作室已經瞬間被坐落在顯示窗口的雕塑花飾物吸引著,隨後迎來的是一條由同樣材料製成的針織雕塑連身裙,目不暇給。正當我被這些帶時尚藝術氣息的衣飾吸引著時,美儀便分享她初開始使用這些軟塑膠來製造衣飾的念頭及探索旅程。「沒有使用一針一線,它們全都純粹由針織衍生出來。」說完,我更為她的創意而嘖嘖稱奇。

除了以精湛的手作工藝創造出一件又一件抽象而可穿戴的雕塑藝術品外,WHOSTHAT亦設有ready to wear系列。衣服的設計較為簡約,焦點自然放在細節注重及服裝結構上。為了打破自己對時裝及藝術的界限,美儀亦有與不同的的藝術家及設計師合作做crossover,從現代風格當中創造出精緻的時裝品味。

PHOTO by me

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