Yesterday marks another unforgettable experience on my journey as a blogger — I was invited to do a private styling session with KATE SPADE’s VIPs. The phone call came in around 10 days ago, the moment when I heard about this opportunity I held my fist tight and yelled “YES” inside my heart while I’m trying hard to act calm on the outside. The session went smooth, and after going through numerous ways and tips to mix and match 5┬ásets of outfits I’ve chosen, “Thank you everyone, for spending this wonderful Saturday afternoon with me.”, a formal enough closing line followed by a little bow and some applause ends the game.

Here goes my last blog post for January, and there’s nothing better than ending my first month of the year with such an experience. Thank you again Kate Spade, for believing me and for making this happen.

KATE SPADE total look
PHOTOGRAPHY Herman J.Li, EDIT Visala Wong


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